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Commander's Corner


2 June 2018

  As outgoing commander, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who helped keep the American Legion Post 172 moving in the right direction. The year was a trying year, we all learned some lessons and made good achievements along the way. We must not lose sight of the reason the American Legion exists. Everytime we recite the preamble, we need to internalize it, hold it tight and use it to temper our judgements.

                                                                          Thanks again,

                                                                             Luke Trice

                                                                          For God and Country!


  The new website is up and running! The Post is still moving into the new website and there are still some parts under construction. Some portions will be continnuously updated to keep the members updated on the latest information, so check back often to see what's new.

  American Legion Post 172 will be hosting the American Legion National Commander (Denise Rohan) and the American Legion Auxiliary President (Diane Duscheck) in April 2018! That's really exciting news! We are gearing up preparations for their arrival in order to be the best hosts we can be!

  We're proud of our post and we want to make sure it shows when our representatives come to visit.

  The American Legion has arranged for all members of the American Legion Family Members (over 18 years old) to access FREE Accidental Death Life Insurance UP TO $5,000.  Please sign up yourself - this is now a one-time sign up, and you will never have to sign up again. The website link is here: www.thelit.com/nocost-legioncare